S.NO Name of the Committee Incharge and Associate Incharge Members
1 Subject Committee Convenors Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)               
Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths)
Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng)
Mr. B.K.Athmanadam PGT(Comm)
Ms.Sarika Maurya PGT(Hindi)
2 Admission Mr.A.Anbalagan, VP  Mrs. G.Uma  PGT(Chem)                      
  Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)
Mrs.Amutha J HM Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy)  
  Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng)
  Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)     
  Mrs. B.Jayapradha  TGT(Eng)
  Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths)
3 Academics co-ordinators VI  - Mrs.Lalithambika TGT(Maths)     
VII-Mrs. B.Jayapradha  TGT(Eng)  
VIII- Mrs. PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)  
IX - Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths)  
X- Mrs. Bharathi  TGT(Eng)  
XI-Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng)   
XII - Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy)  
4 Examination Department  (Internal )   Mr.Ratheesh PGT(Eco)
Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy) Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths)
 Mrs. G.Uma  PGT(Chem)                        
Mrs. R.Banumathi  PGT(Bio) Mr.Vignesh PGT(Comp.Sci)
5 CBSE Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths) Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng)
Mr.B.K.Athmanandam PGT(Comm) Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths)
Mrs. Merina Paul PGT(Comp.Sci)
6 TIMETABLE  Mrs. G.Uma  PGT(Chem)                       Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng)
Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy) Mrs. Merina Paul PGT(Comp.Sci)
7 CCA Morning Assembly Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng) Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng)
Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng)
Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng) Mrs.Haseena Begam TGT(Hindi)
Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE)
8 ACP Mrs.Lalithambika TGT(Maths) Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng)
Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng) Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART)
9 AEP Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng) Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng)
Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng) Mrs.Lalithambika TGT(Maths)
10 FURNITURE DEPARTMENT Mr.B.K.Athmanandam   PGT(Comm) Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng) Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE)
11  Counselling &  Guidance Mr.B.K.Athmanandam  PGT(Comm) Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)
Mrs.Raja Sulochana Counseller
12 Scouts & Guides Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng) Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART) 
Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng) Ms.Deepti Yadav (Music)
Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
13 Computer Department Mrs. Merina Paul PGT(Comp.Sci) Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE)
Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST) Mr.Vignesh PGT(Comp.Sci)
14 Excursion Committee Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST) Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE)
Mr.B.K.Athmanandam   PGT(Comm) Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART) 
15 Website Updation/ICT/UBI Online Fees Mrs.Merina Paul PGT(Comp.Sci) Mr.Venkataraman
  Ms.J.S.Porkodi PRT(CI)
Mr.Vignesh PGT(Comp.Sci) Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE)
16 Discipline Committee Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths) Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)    
Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy)
Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE) Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)
Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng)
17 Beautification & Gardening Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)                       Ms.Shradda TGT(Lib)
  Ms.M.Balkis Banu TGT(Sci) 
Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng) Mrs.Ezhil Chitra TGT(Sci)
18 Late Arrival Recording Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE) Mr.Rabindra kumar Panda  TGT(Sans)
Ms.Shradda TGT(Lib) Mr.Sankar Rao TGT(Hindi)
19 Conduct of PTA Meeting & Maintenance of Record Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths) Mr.B.K.Athmanandam
Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths) Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng)
20 Photography & Banners Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART)  Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng)
21 First Aid  Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE) Mrs.Kokila (Nurse)
Mrs.Lalithambika TGT(Maths) Ms.Prem Divya (Doctor)
  Mr.Mohan Lal (PET)
22 Teaching Aids Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng) Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)
Mrs Lalithambika Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng)
23 Maintenance & Repairs Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST) Mr.B.K.Athmanandam
Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE) Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)
Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART) 
24 Maintenance of record & activities with photos Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng) Mr.Vignesh PGT(Comp.Sci)
Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART)  Mr.Ratheesh PGT(Eco)
25 Submission of Monthly Report Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths) 1.Science Club
 2.Literary club 
3. Sports & Health  Club
 4. Maths club 
Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths) 5.ACP ,AEP , 
6.Scouts & Guides
7.CCA & Days of Observation
8. Guidance & Counselling
9. Green & Eco Club
10. Integrity Club
26 Official Language Ms.Sarika Maurya PGT(Hindi) Mrs.Amutha J HM
Mr.Sankar Rao TGT(Hindi)
27 Medical Check Up Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE) Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)
Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths) Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng)
28 PA System & Audio, Visual Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE) Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART) 
Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
29 Maintenance of Staff Quarters Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST) Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART) 
Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE) Mr.Dipak PRT
30 CMP Mrs. Amutha J, HM  Mr.Dipak PRT
31 Science  Club Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)                       Mrs.G.Uma PGT(Chem)
  Ms. Balkis Banu TGT(Sci)
Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy) Mrs.Ezhil Chitra TGT(Sci)
32 Maths Club Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths) Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths)
Mrs.Lalithambika TGT(Maths)
33 Integrity Club Mr.Ratheesh PGT(Eco)                               Mr.Antony Arockia Raj  TGT(SST)
 Mr. B.K.Athmanandam PGT(Comm)              Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng),
  Mrs.Haseena Begam TGT(Hindi)
34 Maintenance of Air Conditioners Mr.B.K.Athmanandam   PGT(Comm) Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
35 Electrical Maintenance Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE)  Mr. B.K.Athmanandam PGT(Comm)             
Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST) Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART) 
36 Vidyalaya Plan Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)                       Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy)
37 Display Boards of quotation / Decoration Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART)  Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)
Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng) Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng)
38 Green School / Eco Club/GSP audit Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)                       Mrs.Ezhil Chitra TGT(Sci)
Ms.M.Balkis Banu TGT(Sci) 
Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy) Mrs.G.Uma PGT(Chem)
39 Water Management/ Upkeep of R.O./Aqua guards/ Coolers, Fire Extinguisher etc Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST) Mrs.Lalithambika TGT(Maths)
Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths) Ms.Shradda TGT(Lib)
Ms.Sarika Maurya PGT(Hindi)
40 Child Right Protection Cell , Grievance of girls , Sexual harrassment , POCSO , SC/ST Cell Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)                       Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng)
Mrs..K.Mookammal PGT(Eng) Mrs. Amutha J HM
Mrs.Lalithambika TGT(Maths)
41 Social Science Exhibition Mr.Ratheesh PGT(Eco) Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
 Mr. B.K.Athmanandam PGT(Comm)             
42 Science Exhibition Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy) Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths)
  Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)    
Mrs.G.Uma PGT(Chem) Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths)
  Ms.Balkis Banu TGT(Sci)
  Mrs.Ezhil Chitra TGT(Sci)
43 Quarterly News Letter Sec: Mrs. Merina Paul PGT(Comp.Sci) Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng)
Ms.Sarika Maurya PGT(Hindi)
  Mr.Vignesh PGT(Comp.Sci)
Primary: Mr.Pankaj PRT Mr.Ashish Sharma PRT
Mr.Dipak PRT
44 Plumbing Work Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE) Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
Mr. Amit kumar TGT(ART)
45 Library Committee Ms.Shradda TGT(Lib) Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng) PGT(Eng)
Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng) Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng)
  Ms.Sarika Maurya PGT(Hindi)
  Mrs.Amutha J HM
  Primary library in charge
46 Literary Club Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng) Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng)
  Mrs.B.Jayapradha TGT(Eng)
  Ms.Sarika Maurya PGT(Hindi)
  Mr.Rakesh (PHE)
  Mr.Sankar Rao TGT(Hindi)
47 Sports / health & Yoga Club Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE) Mr.Mohan Lal (PET)       
  Mr.Rakesh (PHE)
Mrs. Raja Sulochana (Coun) Mrs.Kokila (Nurse)
48 RTI & Grievance Mrs. Padma Priya TGT(Eng) Mrs. B.Jayapradha  TGT(Eng)
49 External Achievement Records Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng) Mr.Vignesh PGT(Comp.Sci)
Mrs.Merina Paul PGT(Comp.Sci)
50 Olympiads Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy)  
Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths)
51 Music Department Ms.Deepti Yadav (Music) Mrs.Amutha J HM
Ms.Sarika Maurya PGT(Hindi)
52 Fire safety Certificate Building Safety , Sanitation & Water testing Certificate  Mr.Muthuramalingam TGT(Maths)  Mr. B.K.Athmanandam PGT(Comm)             
Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST) Mr.Bharath Bhushan TGT(WE)
53 Maintenance of Activity Rooms Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy) (Conf.Hall) Mr.Pankaj  PRT(Primary Activity Room)
Mrs. R.PadmaPriya TGT(Eng) (Activity Room- II nd Floor)  
54 Staff Room Incharges Ground Floor- Ms.Anu Chandolia PRT Mr.Pankaj PRT
Second Floor- Mrs. Bharathi  TGT(Eng) Mrs.Lalithambika TGT(Maths)
55 Maintenance of Computer Labs Primary- Ms.J.S.Porkodi PRT(CI) Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)    
Sec- Ms.Murugeshwari TGT(CI)
High.Sec- Mr. Vignesh PGT(Comp.Sci)
56  Supervision of Security Guards Mr.Amit Kumar TGT(ART)   Mr. B.K.Athmanandam PGT(Comm)             
Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
57 Maintenance of saniaiton / Cleanliness & Supervision of Conservency Workers Mrs.N.Fatima Gani PGT(Maths) Ground Floor- Mr.Mohan Lal (PET)   
  Ms.Soniya PRT
Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng) 1st floor - Mr.Ratheesh PGT(Eco) 
  Mr.Pankaj PRT
  Mrs.G.Uma PGT(Chem)
  2nd Floor- Mr.Rakesh (PET)
  Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
  Mrs. B.Jayapradha  TGT(Eng)
58 EMIS , UDISE, COHORT Mrs.K.Mookammal PGT(Eng)  Ms.J.S.Porkodi PRT(CI)
 Mr. B.K.Athmanandam PGT(Comm)             
59 UBI Fees Portal Mr.Venkatraman All Class Teachers/Co-Class Teachers
60 Monitoring of Remedial Class Mrs.G.Uma PGT(Chem) Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy)
61 Submission of Monthly Monitoring Tool (LAT) Mrs. Amutha J HM (Primary) Mrs. K.Mookammal PGT(ENG)(secondary)
62 Salary Verification Mr.Muthuramalingam TGT(Maths) Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths)
Mrs.Amutha J HM
63 National Science Congress Mrs.R.Banumathi PGT(Bio)    
64 Community Service Record Mrs.Padma Priya Mrs.Bharathi TGT(Eng)
65 School Adoption Program Mrs.Amutha J HM  Mr.Venkataraman
Mr.B.K.Athmanandam   PGT(Comm)
66 Uniform Checking Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE) VI-VIII- Mrs. B.Jayapradha  TGT(Eng)
Mrs.Padma Priya IX-X- Mr. Ratheesh
  XI-XII- Mrs Uma Karpooram
67 Capacity Buildiing Programme for Teachers Mrs.V.S.Prabha Devi  TGT(Maths) Mrs. B.Jayapradha  TGT(Eng)
Mrs. Raja Sulochana (Coun)
68 BUS PASS Mr.Ramakrishnan TGT(SST) Mr.B.K.Athmanandam PGT(Comm)
69 SBSB Ms.Thian Hoih TGT(PHE) Mr.Pankaj PRT
Mr. Ratheesh PGT( Eco) Mr.Rakesh (PHE)
  Mr. Mohanlal (PHE)
  Mr.Ashish Sharma PRT
S.No Name of House Masters and Associate House Masters Name of the House Signature
1 Mr. B K ATHMANANDAM  PGT (comm) House master ARISTOTLE (GREEN)  
Mrs. D Bharathi TGT(Eng) Associate HM
Mr. V S Prabha Devi TGT(Maths)
Mrs. Uma Karpooram  PGT(Phy)
 Mr. S Muthu Ramalingam TGT(Maths)
Mr. Rabindra Kumar Panda TGT(Sans)
Mr. Mohan Lal (PET)
Mr. Amit kumar TGT(ART) Associate HM
Ms. Shraddha TGT(Lib)
Mrs. R. Banumathi PGT(Bio)
Mrs. N Fatima Gani PGT(Mat)
Mrs. Anita Rajeshwari Germ.TR
Ms. M.Balkis Banu  TGT(Sci)
3 Mrs. Merina Paul PGT(Comp.Sci) PGT (CS) House master SOCRATES (RED)  
Mrs. R Padma Priya Associate HM
Mrs. G Uma PGT(CHEM)
Mr. Bharat Bhushan TGT(WE) 
Mr. Antony Arockiaraj TGT(SST)
Mrs. Haseena Begum TGT(Hin)
Mrs. Jaya Prada TGT(Eng)
Mr. Ramakrishnan TGT(SST)
Mrs.  Lalithambika TGT(Maths)
Mr. Sankar Rao TGT(HINDI)
Mrs.Ezhil Chitra TGT(Sci)
Mrs.Raja Sulochana (Coun)