Scouts & Guides


             The School Scouts and Guides Activities are conducted regularly every Wednesday under the able guidance of Mr.A.Jerald Principal , District Commissioner District - III . The Scout and Guides department is equipped with 4 scout masters and 7 Guide Captains. Various activities are conducted during wednesdays.There are 93 Scouts and 74 Guides enrolled in Bharat Scouts and Guides. Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp -2018 of District -III Guide Wing was conducted in Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 Madurai , Thirupparankundram  from 28.06.2018 to 30.06.2018 in which 15 Guides participated and were qualified. 15 Scouts participated in TST Camp held at Kendriya Vidyalaya Dindugul and were qualified 8 Scouts and 4 Guides took part in Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp held at KV Trichy. All the 12 Students emerged as qualified Rajyapuraskar holders. 21-September 2018 was observed as International Day of Peace. A Peace Rally was organised to near by place .To mark the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi " All Faith Prayer" was conducted by Scouts and Guides . Depart highlighting the importance of peace, Truth and Non-Violence to instill divine spirit in students . A Cleanliness drive was taken up to the nearby Temple (MottaiArasu Kovil) , where in Scouts and Guides cleaned the place and participated enthusiastically to keep up the spirit of the day . November 7 and 14 were celebrated as Flag day and Scouts and Guides Flag stickers were sold to the Scouts and Guides to encourage them." FREE BEING ME" training was given to the Scouters and Guiders and Activities were planned under the Training Course were discussed.